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You might not recognize it, but when driving your Chevy or Cadillac car around Mansfield, OH, the wheels may slowly become misaligned, and in the process, affect your drive's safety and vehicle's health. Having the perfect wheel alignment for your car is vital in the longevity and performance of the tires. On the other hand, misaligned wheels make braking and driving around corners uncomfortable. As you drive, your car's suspension works to smooth out uneven road surfaces and rough patches. However, unexpected blows from curbs and potholes or driving through excessively rough roads can lead to slight shifts on the suspension, causing wheel misalignment.

Why is Wheel Alignment Important?

With proper wheel alignment, we ensure that your tires point straight forward and stay centered within the vehicle's wheel wells. This scenario helps your car or truck travel in a straight line and ensures that it performs at its optimal condition. Not only will a wheel alignment keep your vehicle moving forward, but it will optimize fuel economy and ensure even tire tread wear.

Alignment is more than a matter of straight driving, longer tire life, and better fuel mileage; it's also about safety. Misalignment of wheels can cause a vehicle to unintentionally depart its lane or even go off the road with the slightest motion. Count on us to keep your vehicle going straight for many years to come.

Here are signs that indicate your car needs a wheel alignment:

The Car Pulls to the Right or Left: Your car can pull to the right or left even when the steering wheel is straight if its tires are not correctly aligned. Over time, the pulling can become excessive and result in extreme car damage.

Uneven Tread Wear: An incorrect alignment can make specific parts of the tread tires on your car wear fast and unevenly. If your vehicle tires are wearing out unevenly, visit Graham Cadillac to solve the issue.

Steering Wheel Vibration: A vehicle with improperly aligned wheels can produce some vibrations.

The Steering Wheel is Off-Center When Driving Straight:: Your car's steering wheel will not be straight if the tires are not correctly aligned.

Chevy and Cadillac Wheel Alignment Service

Our skilled technicians use professional procedures when performing a wheel alignment. They use state-of-the-art tools to align your car's wheel back to the manufacturer's recommended standard. Our Chevrolet-and-Cadillac-trained technicians will incorporate modern diagnostic tools to examine your car's ride quality and wheel alignment. They will start by checking the tire pressure to ensure it's at the appropriate level and perform wheel balancing and mounting, tire rotation, and alignments. If the axle and control arm shows signs of damage, they replace them with original parts.

Here at Graham Cadillac, we have the latest automotive repair and diagnosis tools like computerized wheel and frame alignments to examine your car better and fix it. Some parts that we check while doing wheel alignments include:

Toe - it's how the wheels are tilted if viewed from above, and it can either be outward or inward.

Camber - it's the tire's inward or outward angle. A lot of tilt necessitates a wheel alignment.

Caster - it refers to the wheel's angle when viewed from the vehicle's side. A positive caster indicates the steering access tilts towards the driver. On the other hand, a negative caster suggests the steering access tilts away from the driver.

How Wheel Misalignment Happens

When a vehicle is new, it should be in alignment. However, collisions, potholes, bumpy roads, and poor driving practices may cause your vehicle's wheels to get knocked out of alignment. Occasional alignment checks can help us detect even a slight misalignment and may prevent premature suspension and tire damage. Our factory-trained technicians can perform these alignment checks here at our Mansfield service center. Call or click today to schedule alignment service and get your vehicle checked by our professional team.

Schedule Wheel Alignment Service at Graham Cadillac

Our wheel alignment center is staffed with experienced and skilled technicians who have the expertise to get the job done efficiently and within the short time possible. Whether you want your car's wheel aligned, you want a preventative maintenance schedule, or you need a repair, our dealership is your go-to option. We provide phone and online scheduling and unmatched expertise throughout this region.

Wherever you want to go for your next trim, it's not advisable to drive on unstable and worn-out tires. At Graham Cadillac, we prudently check your car to resolve its problems and follow the maintenance schedule as recommended by the manufacturer. Our quality technicians have the appropriate training to offer you quality service.

Why Choose Us

We endeavor to be more than your ordinary wheel alignment center. We want to be your preferred wheel alignment center for affordable, fast services and OEM parts. Our devoted customer team is also more than ready to help you with anything you require.

Regardless of the type of wheel alignment service your car requires, you can depend on our reliable service center team for a successful job. Contact us now if you have any queries.

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