The upcoming 2023 Cadillac Lyriq is an electric SUV with plenty of luxurious features to fall in love with. From performance to comfort features, you are sure to find some that stand out in all the right ways. Discover five of them by reading on.

Super Cruise

The first highlighted luxury feature is Cadillac's Super Cruise. Super Cruise is the first true hands-free driver assistance technology in Mansfield, OH. Drivers can confidently drive on compatible roads with this technology. Easily let your Lyriq adjust to vehicles in front of you, auto change lanes, and so much more.

Diagonal Advanced LED Display

Next up is the 33-inch diagonal advanced LED display near Wooster, OH. This display stretches across your dashboard, showcasing over one billion vibrant colors. You can easily find apps, play music, receive notifications, and so much more.

AKG Studio Sound System

Do you love to listen to music or podcasts near Medina, OH? Rejoice, as the Lyric adds the AKG Studio sound system. Listen to crisp and clear sounds across 19 precisely tuned speakers. Experience sound like you rarely can, right here in the Lyriq.

Choreographed LED Lighting

Another luxury features drivers can find choreographed LED lighting near Ashland, OH. Through 736 animated exterior lights, the Lyriq can speak to you when you both approach and leave your vehicle. The illumination sequence draws the eye all the way around the SUV. The same lighting can be found inside, creating ambient light.

New Ultium Battery Platform

Drivers can experience a smoother, more luxurious ride with the new Ultium battery platform. This is an integral part of the chassis system, creating a lower center of gravity and a near 50/50 weight distribution. This allows Canton, OH, drivers to control their Lyriq and drive with a sporty feel.

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